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5 things I never expected to do when I received my degree in electrical engineering 

Ride an electric bicycle down an airport runway at 40 miles per hour

Meet the Prince of Monaco

Eat Swiss fondue while blasting yodeling music in Hawaii

See the Great Pyramids of Egypt

Share my engineering journey in fashion, business, and technical magazines

I connect with the younger generation and minorities in STEAM fields
I remember being an audience member at Pittsburgh's Carnegie Science Center when I was in grade school. I always had fun and enjoyed the lecture, but something was missing. I was learning, but I wasn't connecting. 

I was looking up at a stage to someone who was 30 or 40 years older than me, someone who didn't grow up using social media, and someone who was, most likely, not wearing high heels talking about STEAM. 
I enjoy sharing my experiences being a woman in STEAM, the ups and downs of college, and being the only American on an international team. Every time I share my experiences, I like to be real. I talk about the struggle of self-doubt and how to overcome it; I talk about being frustrated with myself because I feared trying; and I talk about how liberating it is to achieve something thought to be impossible.
“Paige's lecture was my favorite because the other students and I were able to connect with it. We can really relate to her with her age and past.
Student from the Westinghouse Science and Honors Institute

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Some major speaking engagements include: Fast Company Innovation Festival (NYC), Science Day at JFK (NYC), Woman in Engineering Leadership Summit (Atlanta), Pittsburgh Regional Science and Engineering Fair (Pittsburgh), and was a 2016 finalist for speaking at SXSW