Solar Impulse

An idea born in Switzerland...

photo by Solar Impulse
Solar Impulse is reinventing clean technologies and pioneering a movement to showcase the successes and potential of alternative energy.

Though the ideas behind Solar Impulse originated long before I arrived on the scene in February 2016, the project aligns with my passion to be innovative, creative, and technologically efficient. As a representative from Covestro (who supplies the material for the plane's cockpit), I work as a member of the ground crew. The ground crew is tasked with assisting during plane take off and landing.
With this role, I have different duties that can vary on any given day. I may be assigned to manage the handling shaft, ride an electric bicycle to catch the plane as it descends into landing, or pull the plane by the cockpit for maneuvering on the ground. This role demands that I be flexible, capable of adjusting on-the-fly, and work in a time-sensitive environment.
Solar Impulse Videos
I could not have dreamed of being in such an exciting position at 22 years of age. A year ago I was preparing to graduate from college. Now, I am promoting clean technology on a historic project while traveling around the world.
The achievements of Solar Impulse are setting the benchmark for possibilities of alternative energy. Now, it is up to our generation and future generations to surpass that benchmark and implement evolutionary technology to enhance our everyday lives and the world we live in.  
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